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January 30, 2011

Tangled up in giggles

Finally, after more than a week of not watching movies or ANYTHING at all on my laptop or on TV, I got around to watching Tangled (2010 film) and was, as per subject, “tangled up in giggles.”

I have not done a movie review for quite sometime because I do have a streak for procrastinating, but I do want to enumerate the parts, points, lines, and all that jazz which caught my heart throughout watching Tangled.

The movie itself

I love the screenplay of the film, although I do not think animated features have screenplays, but I do love this one. The cuts, jumps, cinematography of it is breathtaking, I just want to watch it again and again.

The colors of the film are gorgeous. Like a painting or watercolor with so much life was just so “feel good” for me. I loved it.

I’ve got to pat the writers on the back for this one because the lines were just so funny, witty, sassy, and spunky. Just my kind of movie.


I… well, I do love musicals but I was not exactly that impressed with the music. *shrugs*

It was not really catchy for me. It is not like those older Disney animated films whose soundtracks really, really, really, really… you know, hit it. Beauty and the Beast had, well, Beauty and the Beast theme song, while The Lion King had “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, “Hakuna Matata”, and that intro theme. On the other hand Snow White had “Whistle While You Work”, “Hi Ho”, etc. Aladdin had “A Whole New World,” well, you get my drift.

But Tangled did not really have that juice in it. At least for me. Maybe I need to watch it again or somethin. To be honest, I wanted to skip past the parts where they sang – except the part in the pub. Drhrhrhrhr… gotta love ruffians and hooligans.

Tangled characters

Rapunzel – The girl’s got spunk, spirit, and those huge eyes! Love her hair, the details on the dress, the glow, the innocence, the wit, and again, the spunk. She was so much fun! Her hair was amazing!! Makes me want to go back to brushing my hair 100 times a night again. Maybe I can use it as a rope and whip as well!

Flynn Rider – Oooh la la. Damn this guy is hot! He is also funny, but not exactly THAT charismatic, but he is soooo funny. Did I just say funny again? So hot, too. LOL And I have to hand it to the animators who were able to grab the emotion and display the love, admiration, and pretty much all emotions on Flynn’s (Eugene’s) eyes. Heeehee.. yeah, I’m still drooling. Excuse me.

Pascal – Whoohoo! I LOVE Pascal! This chameleon has somewhat managed to inject huge doses of humor, emotion, and expression even without a single line. Again, props to the animators. He is so cute!

Maximus – Teehee… I like Maximus, I really, really do. He’s my kind of horse! Totally badass with that soft side. The part where he shredded the WANTED sign was so funny, and when he parted those thugs. Dude! That was suh-weet!

The Cast Iron Skillet – YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE PROPS TO THE PAN! I never knew a weapon that could be so awesome as a cast iron skillet. I definitely want one! Excalibur was definitely cool, yo, but the cast iron skillet? Classic! Look, skillets/pans have been used as weapons in more times than one, but NEVER have I seen it achieve much attention as the cast iron skillets in this movie. It’s just awesome.


Now I know I have nothing but praise for this movie. If you got bored, sorry. But see, it was a really wonderfully made film by Disney, solidifying that they are not exactly going anywhere soon.

I did have some questions though. Like how exactly did they miss a soliditary tower in the nearby forest. OR how long did the magic of the hair last because Gothel seemed to need it a lot. And honestly, didn’t they just marcot it? And why did the queen have to have all of it? Couldn’t it be shared?

Many people also wondered why the queen did not have any more children. I think it’s coz they were scared that she would fall ill like the time she was pregnant with Rapunzel. At any rate, I think this is the best take on the Rapunzel story. I do love the original story, where the prince gets blinded and Rapunzel got pregnant. LOL BUT I like the hooligans part. It’s like Rapunzel meets Robin Hood, but the lady is not so much “in distress” and is not that dumb. Yay! Oh and I do like Rapunzel brunette and not blonde for no reason that she is drawn better brunette. She’s not the typical beautiful princess, no?

Somebody should really get me a cast iron skillet, and fast. I think its one of those things that I should add to my artillery. At any rate, I recommend folks who want a good laugh to watch the movie. 😉 Cheers.


January 30, 2011

Families, like brownies, are nutty

Photo from Google

I love brownies.
I love nuts.

But right now, the brownies and nuts are giving me headaches and is making my temperature spike.

I do not wish to vent.

I wish the DailyPost topic did not make ask me to vent because somehow I feel that venting would make me breakdown into a hundred gazillion pieces. But what they heck, it is still absolutely fun!

If you asked me 3 or 4 days ago, my ultimate answer to the daily question would be: Family.

Now I refuse to go into the specifics, just that somehow I no longer have anger in me.

See, that’s me. That is how I treat with all the unpleasant things in life.

If unpleasant things happen or obstacles, I attempt to face it as much as I can. I try to make things work, and if people ask me nicely, I often even go the extra 100 miles. But there is one thing that makes me clam up faster than an oyster whose pearl is about to be stolen, and that is by force.

Some people think the only way to get through ANYBODY and not just myself is through force. If they attempt to do that with me, then I either fight back or clam up. In most cases, somebody’s hand gets caught and they bash my head here and there. But I hang on and be as stubborn as a mule.

Though clamped up, I no longer fret. So basically, right now, in my life, despite all the roadblocks and obstacles I foresee ahead, I do not worry. Sure, I think I might be doing more than just color my hair red this year out of frustration, but I think I can do it.

So brownies, like families, are filled with nuts and can drive me extra nutty. But hey, if I think about it, brownies have more yum than nuts. So if I do not want the nuts… well, that’s for me to decide, eh?


January 30, 2011



Forever sounds like an awfully long time, don’t you agree?

I think that a person’s life is a gift, and that to be able to enjoy one’s gift is to make sure it is used fully and passionately.

I understand that immortality has this lure of some sort, wherein those who are somewhat mesmerized by vampires and supernatural creatures that have the ability to stay on for long periods of time, unless they are maimed by weapons of destruction whittled solely for the purpose of causing their demise.

Yet nobody really asked them if they would want to live forever, right?

If I could live forever, I would not.


Because death should not be avoided.

In my opinion, Death is just doing his job. It is nasty, unpleasant, but somebody has to do it. Has anybody even wondered if Death died as well? I think Death has the unfortunate position to be there until the last person or living being that needs to be reaped is brought to where we are going.

I do not want to avoid Death. Rather, I want to live life to the fullest every single day, so that when time comes, I am almost always ready to greet Death as though he or she is an old friend. I kind of see life as though it were a nice drive somewhere on my 67 Chevy Impala, where I could step on the gas when I wanted to, or cruise if the scenery suits me. Some day, wherever I will be, I know I will run out of gas, and by then, perhaps I would have made use of all that gas, instead of just putting it on standby because I fear of getting pinned in a car wreck somewhere.

So, no. I do not wish to live forever.

But I do wish to live in every single moment of my life.


January 27, 2011

Rockin on a Deserted island

Music makes MY world go round.

Never have I spent a day without music, and I almost always find something new for me and perhaps even you.

Today, I found an awesome song that I would like to share with all of you. The song is called “People Are Crazy” by Billy Currington.

Any other day, I would have skipped this song, because apparently I’ve had this in one of the mp3 folders that I got from my King. For those who may have a little trouble keeping up, here is the lyrics of the song:

This old man and me, were at the bar and we
Were having us some beers and swappin’ I dont cares
Talking politics, blonde and redhead chicks
Old dogs and new tricks, and habits we aint kicked

We talked about Gods grace, and all the hell we raised
Then I heard the ol’ man say
God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

He said I fought two wars, been married and divorced
What brings you to Ohio, he said damned if I know
We talked an hour or two, bout every girl we knew
What all we put them through, like two old boys will do

We pondered life and death, he lit a cigarette
Said these damn things will kill me yet
But God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

Last call is two am, I said goodbye to him
I never talked to him again

Then one sunny day, I saw the old mans face
Front page obituary, he was a millionaree
He left his fortune to, some guy he barely knew
His kids were mad as hell, but me, Im doing well
And I dropped by today, to just say thanks and pray
And I left a six-pack right there on his grave
And I said, God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

I love the song because of its meaning. It struck a chord in me, and I think that it is a bit sad because there are a lot of people who just need somebody to talk to – myself included.

Now if I were on a deserted island, and for some reason I am able to enjoy music, I would definitely lug my 500 GB external hard drive that is filled with music. BUT, I cannot do that, can I?

If I had to choose just one album that never gets old for me, it would be… the 125 Greatest Rock Legends of All Time compilation album! It consists of songs from Ozzy Osbourne, Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Poison, Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, and so much more! Why? Because almost all my favorite songs are there!

It may seem odd that a female 20-something would choose that, but I tell you, nothing picks me up like classic rock hits. Back when I had my motorcycle, I would imagine me driving around the whole city blasting tunes with an mp3 player. But I lost my motorcycle, and now I just walk with those tunes especially on a very low day.

So yeah, rock on! Rock on!

*Music post courtesy of DailyPost!*

January 27, 2011

Not in the mood to be funny

I kept pondering how to approach yesterday’s topic about funny people.

However, I am not so much in a laughing mood or know a lot of funny people!

Okay, maybe I do know some funny people, but not really funny-funny. Just… funny. LOL

Perhaps it is because I am a stick in the mud, or maybe because most of the time I am the one who cracks jokes.

I know this guy who likes throwing riddles and other mind boggling jokes. Unfortunately, it must be the way he delivers the lines that do not make me want to go “ha! ha!” Sometimes I just frown in confusion. Or maybe I am not too appreciative of knock-knock jokes.

Funny people, funny lines, stuff that makes me laugh?

Most of the time I find on TV.


But if I did have to give names these would be it:

a) The Deranged Palmist
b) Super JJ
c) … I dont know.

Sorry, that is all for yesterday’s funny post at the DailyPost.


January 26, 2011

I need cash for books

My 2011 goal has not moved an inch!


While I do have 2 books that are coming as soon as I find money to pay for it, I have gotten into a small problem money-wise, and I am $7 dollars short. Now I cannot buy the two books that I have been waiting for. So yeah, NEED CASH FOR BOOKS! I am currently contemplating if I should hold one of those cardboard signs used by homeless folk.

On the other hand, I have not given up entirely. I am still reading whenever I have the time, or when my brain is not too exhausted to think.

Currently, I am reading one of the “Bartimeaus Trilogy” by Jonathan Stroud books which I was able to purchase for $2 which I nabbed from the sale box at our local bookstore. I happen to love it!

I will keep you posted as soon as I manage to finish it though.

Wish me luck!

January 26, 2011

Abort! Reboot! Abort! Reboot!

Sometimes I wish life came with a reboot button.

Say for instance, my day goes on from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Unfortunately, from then on, it begins to crash and burn, and sometimes just processes one thought or obstacle for an undetermined span of time.

If that were a computer and things do not go wrong, I would just simply override the system, and when in vain, reboot, or kill the computer by pressing hard on that stubborn power button.

But I guess life or days do not have that option.

My friend says that our day to day lives really do not have the luxury of rebooting so I should think of my body and mind as a super powered data cabinet / server, serving the world from here to kingdom come.

As much as I would like to argue, I have no more strength in me. See, it is one of those days that went wrong from 8 a.m. and finally was able to process everything by 5. Though all those system failures and mondo let downs are accumulating somewhere on my body’s error.log, I must say that at least I think I can get a semi-reboot at night. Just semi-because I know for a fact that I should not just abort it, but reboot. Aborting could mean permanent damage on the hard drive, ya know?

While rebooting may leave a little more room to… well, fail again.

But hey, we can always have upgrades, right?


By the way, aside from a writer, I am also an Information Technology professional, which is partially the reason why I feel the need to compare my life to a computer. Yes, I know. I fail.


January 26, 2011

Tackling 3 in 1

I have been away. I know.

The business of my grandma’s passing has been keeping me up on my tippy toes and having me run around while the demands of work are anchoring me as well. I guess it pays to be me.

I do not have a lot of time to spare today, so I hope to make a single post hitting all of my missed topics at the DailyPost.

Questions and answers are all that I can do for now, so I hope this works.

1) How do you define a friend?

I think people earn a lot of friends. Friends are easy to gain, if I am not mistaken, BUT the challenge is earning true friends who will stick by you through thick or thin, and even step in when all is lost.

In my life, I’ve had numerous situations where I really could not rely on my family to help because they were too preoccupied with their presumptions and prejudice that they failed to extend a helping hand when needed the most. During these instances, I was able to determine which of my friends were true and which ones were fair-weathered.

I have been extremely lucky enough to find a lot of friends who have stood by me through times of conflict, while there were some who did not really make things better.Still, since I did find more than one true friend, I am at ease.


2) What is your favorite sound?

You know the song by the Cascades? “Rhythm of the Rain.”

I love the sound of rain on the rooftops or the splash of the raindrops on buckets overflowing with cool liquid.

However, there is nothing more comforting, for me, than the sound of crackling fire. I know I may not have much experience enjoying the sound, but even when dried leaves burn, they emit this sound that makes me snuggle and makes me feel like I am home.


3) What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

Hmmm.. Sunday’s would be perfect if I could spend it at the beach.I love the beach. The warm sun, the cool breeze, and just chillin where the waves tumble and crash and mists of saltwater spray land on my face.Either that, or a day watching movies with popcorn, and snuggling. Lots and lots of snuggling.



I know I should elaborate more, but maybe I will do so later on.For now, being awake for almost 3 days is making me extremely cranky and sleepy.

I have to say good night now, or at least get a mug of coffee to help wake me up.


January 22, 2011

A tribute


My grandmother loved flowers a lot. She had this beautiful garden where all sorts of blowers bloomed. From orchids to anthuriums, hydrangeas, roses, morning glory, and all those nice blooms. My grandmother just delighted in them.


The scent of flowers, the beauty of a garden, the comfort and sheer pleasure nature can offer, I found that in my grandmother’s garden.

I will miss my grandmother so much, but the memory of her and her garden as well as all other sweet memories will forever remain in my heart.


To her I offer a photo of flowers I took the other day, as a small tribute and thanksgiving for all that she has given me.

January 22, 2011


Can I handle the truth?

Lee asked herself for the nth time. She knew what was coming, she knew she deserved every bit of truth – hard, raw, and straight right at her. Running was not an option; hiding was out of the question. She knew, this week would test her courage and strength. She knew, it was the inevitable, so the only thing she can do was decide: Fight or Flee?

Rick nudged her arm and Lee realized she must have drifted off again. These days her head flew wherever, sometimes in an attempt to take her mind off pressing matters. They would not understand, Lee thought to herself. How could they when all they think about is what they see, and not what is true at least for her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” asked Rick quietly.

Lee shook her head and said, “Nothing. Just thinking about things.” Her voice trailed off as though once more drifting into outer space.

Rick sighed and wrapped his arms around Lee, squeezing her.

Lee leaned back and stared blankly at the slowly descending sun, and remained still.

Though Lee remained silent, Rick could see how troubled she was, but she refused to talk. He could not push her to talk as well, because he knew she would talk when she was ready. Still, he wished there was something he could do.

“I was thinking about the truth,” Lee finally said. “I was thinking how many things would eventually come out, and how some people would start hammering me with accusations and words that will definitely hurt. And… I’m scared.”

Rick tightened his arms around her and said, “Facing the truth is hard. It definitely requires courage; courage that most people cannot handle.

“I know that you are hurting now,” Rick continued, “but I want you to know that you are a wonderful person, and a tough one at that. And while I did not approve of some of the things that you did, but I know that you did those with the consequences in mind. So you are expecting these confrontations as well.”

Lee sighed and said, “Yeah. I know. I have my reasons too.” But perhaps not you nor anybody else would understand. I do have my reasons, and though foolish, sometimes I have to stick to my decisions and be big enough to face the consequence, Lee thought.

“Well, would you rather that you remained innocent of the truth? Or know how they truly feel?” asked Rick.

“I honestly prefer to know the truth rather than create false truths in my brain,” said Lee. “But my mother said that sometimes innocence is bliss, because it relieves people from grief. So I guess the truth will always set you free, but there are always instances where keeping people in the dark is best.”

“Yeah, I have to agree.” said Rick. “You know,” Rick continued, “whatever it is that is going to happen, the truth will hurt you, but you just have to face these things. The more you run from the truth, the more you are troubled. So be strong. I know you are.”

Rick pulled Lee closer and breathed into her hair smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo. Lee shivered and the gesture and snuggled closer.

The truth was on a fast train that was headed right for her. All she knew now was brace herself and be ready for the truth to hit.

*Post was made as an answer of some sort to the DailyPost question of the day.*