1 down, 99 to go

Quick update on how my reading is going.

Since I posted my resolution / goal, I have finished the book I said I just started reading.This means that I have 1 down, and 99 more to go!

No worries, though.

I do not know what to tackle next, but I was thinking any of the following books by Jennifer Crusie:

  • Manhunting
  • Getting Rid of Bradley
  • Anyone But You

I am currently curious of other Jennifer Crusie books after finishing The Cinderella Deal a few days ago. I absolutely fell in love with the said book and now I am quite curious as to how the other books would live up to my expectations.

As for the book I just finished, “What She Really Wants For Christmas” by Debbi Rawlins, I liked it a lot. Though it was not the type that kept me really, really hooked. I like the suspense parts, but I wish the ending had a little bit more oomph. Anyway, like I said, a bit of light reading, yes?

I’ll update you later as to which book I managed to tackle.

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