Aha!, said I

I like finding things all over the Internet or even in real life. So if I were to think about my recent “aha!” moments, then I could tell you right here, right now, that my most recent “aha!” moment is when I came across The DailyPost.

I’ve been battling writer’s block or perhaps a creative writer’s block and from what I learned, a writer is supposed to write and write no matter what so that he or she will not slip further into the abyss also known as the blank slate of death. This is why finding the DailyPost seems like a nice answer to my random thoughts that would prompt me to write at least once a day.

One thing that I remember reading about was that people should never lose that sense of wonder and surprise. If we are no longer pleasantly surprised by findings and learning, then you know that you may be looking at the wrong bulletin board. Finding things and experiencing “aha!” moments not only prevents life from becoming dull and boring. Jaded people may no longer be surprised or pleased by simple findings, but these small “aha!” moments are those that make life interesting and enables one to grow regardless of one’s age.

So yes, the DailyPost is my “aha!” moment for today, and then a few more came after. But methinks it is one of the significant ones that would benefit me in the long run.

How about you? What was your most recent “aha!” moment? Do share! 😉


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