Missing photography

It has been a few months since I picked up my camera and started shooting.

Yes, aside from writing, I also dabble in some light photography. When I say light, I do mean, really light, because I am not exactly that good. But you know, I love taking pictures and capturing moments and whatever catches my fancy.

You’d think I’m crazy, but I really cannot recall why I stopped. One day, I just stopped and that was it.

I guess it was because I stopped carrying my camera and took shots using my phone instead.

But now I miss it.

Maybe I will go back and take shots once more. Just for the heck of it, and maybe we can make a story or so with it huh?

I do miss taking pictures. If it were not night time in my area, I would shoot something right now. But, no, I will wake for morning to come and take my breath away. I leave you with a piece taken last January 2 early in the morning using my phone’s camera.

Be back later with more stories folks!


6 Comments to “Missing photography”

  1. Love this shot. Get your camera out and take some more!!!

  2. That’s really beautiful. I’m amazed you took it with a phone.

  3. Fantastic photo! I’m envious, too. If I started taking pictures of scenes as I casually walked by, I’d end up posting photos of random backyards and mundane-looking houses. Of course, I guess there is beauty in everything. Maybe I’d be a better photographer if I could remember that!

    Actually, just yesterday I was talking about wanting to take more of my own photos so I could post them on here. I think photos really add a lot of depth to writing- they’re worth a thousand words, as they say. Keep at it!

    • Hi! Thanks for your kind words.
      I am actually inclined to take more pictures now.
      I guess sometimes I just go through the motions without stopping to admire beauty, but when I do, I do find quite a lot.
      Hopefully I will be able to post more.
      Thanks again! 😉

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