Meet me, the Procrastinator

I am a procrastinator.
It is my biggest problem.
I am sure at some point you are a procrastinator, too!

Maybe you are not as big a procrastinator as I,
but surely you would agree
that procrastination is the key!

To be honest, though, the main thing that I have been putting off is a trip to the doctor.

I have to do this for several reasons, but I procrastinate.

No, wait.

I do not want to go to the doctor because I would rather stay at home and do nothing at all.

But I have to go back there because… well, because I am down with the sickness, and the docs need to stick pins and needles onto my soul and tear it apart through gut wrenching pain. Or so I convince myself.

Yes, I must be twisted in my mind.

Sorry, but today’s DailyPost question did not inspire me that much. So I just decided to answer straight out.


*I am bored. But the DailyPost suggested something about free writing, so that is what I did to answer. Hrhrhr.. Not exactly in the scope of ultimate free writing, but I ramble, and now you move along.*


2 Comments to “Meet me, the Procrastinator”

  1. Nobody likes the doctor but if you are sick, you really should go. Procrastination is a horrible life experience for so many people. I hope you can one day conquer it!

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