Of laughter and tears

My laugh is more boisterous, youthful, often a little too loud.
Hers, well, she rarely laughed out loud because ladies do not do so.
But she did smile sweetly with a wink in her eye.

That was my grandmother.

My grandmother passed away yesterday, and although the initial shock may not have hit yet, I am sure that it will, sooner or later. Either that or I have grieved a lot and have, in one way or another, prepared myself for the inevitable.

You see, my grandmother raised me from childhood, and pretty much stood in as my mother during all those years. Needless to say, not everybody is perfect, but I believe she did the best she could.

Though my brain fails right now if I ever heard her laugh as loud as I normally do, I know for a fact that she was lady and being loud is not exactly the most lady-like thing to do. Still, her smile is etched in my brain, even though her laughter is not exactly there.

*A rather late post for yesterday’s DailyPost. I was exhausted when I came home last night so I was not able to blog.*



4 Comments to “Of laughter and tears”

  1. There are probably more similarities between her and you than you realize. People say that we live on in those that we’ve influenced. Much sympathy.

  2. My deepest sympathies Lorselle.
    Hang onto the happy memories.

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