Tackling 3 in 1

I have been away. I know.

The business of my grandma’s passing has been keeping me up on my tippy toes and having me run around while the demands of work are anchoring me as well. I guess it pays to be me.

I do not have a lot of time to spare today, so I hope to make a single post hitting all of my missed topics at the DailyPost.

Questions and answers are all that I can do for now, so I hope this works.

1) How do you define a friend?

I think people earn a lot of friends. Friends are easy to gain, if I am not mistaken, BUT the challenge is earning true friends who will stick by you through thick or thin, and even step in when all is lost.

In my life, I’ve had numerous situations where I really could not rely on my family to help because they were too preoccupied with their presumptions and prejudice that they failed to extend a helping hand when needed the most. During these instances, I was able to determine which of my friends were true and which ones were fair-weathered.

I have been extremely lucky enough to find a lot of friends who have stood by me through times of conflict, while there were some who did not really make things better.Still, since I did find more than one true friend, I am at ease.


2) What is your favorite sound?

You know the song by the Cascades? “Rhythm of the Rain.”

I love the sound of rain on the rooftops or the splash of the raindrops on buckets overflowing with cool liquid.

However, there is nothing more comforting, for me, than the sound of crackling fire. I know I may not have much experience enjoying the sound, but even when dried leaves burn, they emit this sound that makes me snuggle and makes me feel like I am home.


3) What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

Hmmm.. Sunday’s would be perfect if I could spend it at the beach.I love the beach. The warm sun, the cool breeze, and just chillin where the waves tumble and crash and mists of saltwater spray land on my face.Either that, or a day watching movies with popcorn, and snuggling. Lots and lots of snuggling.



I know I should elaborate more, but maybe I will do so later on.For now, being awake for almost 3 days is making me extremely cranky and sleepy.

I have to say good night now, or at least get a mug of coffee to help wake me up.



One Comment to “Tackling 3 in 1”

  1. I think time tells the difference between a friend and a friendly acquaintance. And I agree that natural sounds can be the most comforting. The subtle sounds are best, though, like the ones you mention. I can do without the incessant bird chirping and dog barking.

    Hope you got some sleep.

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