Not in the mood to be funny

I kept pondering how to approach yesterday’s topic about funny people.

However, I am not so much in a laughing mood or know a lot of funny people!

Okay, maybe I do know some funny people, but not really funny-funny. Just… funny. LOL

Perhaps it is because I am a stick in the mud, or maybe because most of the time I am the one who cracks jokes.

I know this guy who likes throwing riddles and other mind boggling jokes. Unfortunately, it must be the way he delivers the lines that do not make me want to go “ha! ha!” Sometimes I just frown in confusion. Or maybe I am not too appreciative of knock-knock jokes.

Funny people, funny lines, stuff that makes me laugh?

Most of the time I find on TV.


But if I did have to give names these would be it:

a) The Deranged Palmist
b) Super JJ
c) … I dont know.

Sorry, that is all for yesterday’s funny post at the DailyPost.


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