Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries


I know, I know, I have been absent for a few days, missing all these posts that I have to make. I know.

I was busy, as I mentioned previously that I was out of town and the Internet connection was just horrible that I thought maybe I should just take a break from all my posting – especially the daily ones. The DailyPost has been trying their best, but hey, you cannot win them all, eh?

This week they started the Weekly Photo Challenge, and with that in mind, I checked my recently taken photos during my trip, and I found one that just might suit the theme.


Boundaries has many concepts or interpretations. For some, it could be the distance between two islands that set up boundaries. For some, it could be language barriers. There are also those that have physical barriers, like prison bars, bedroom walls, building walls, or maybe as clear as glass.

My photo depicts the last boundary, which is clear glass. To be specific, there is a barrier between myself and the scrumptious dessert on the display case at Nothing But Desserts in Smallville, Iloilo City:

Mmm.. scrumptious, delicious, heavenly, divine, and totally not good for me!

BUT, I managed to cross that boundary and insisted on buying one even if it was not within my budget. What can I say? Desserts will be the death of me!

In a way, this would be my 52 week challenge for the year to post pictures! Yay me!


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