Hi, my age is – what?

For some people, age is EVERYTHING.

They tell others a different number whenever asked about their age. But me, I often just say it out loud.

Sure, sometimes I wail about how fast time flies and that my brother is now 20 going 21, when I was just helping him out figure out girls when he was 16.

Then there’s the matter of my children.

My daughter is 5.

My son is turning 4 in two days.

I am 26.

See? I just told you my age. ;))

But the funny thing is that when I tell people that I am married with two kids at 26, they would not believe me. I guess my age does not show in the way I look! Lucky me! I still get shocked reactions or gaped mouths in disbelief whenever I do tell them the truth. Some think I am pulling their legs, but no. I am proud of who I am and what I have done even at my young age.

Besides, age is but a number. What matters most is the life you’ve lived in those numbers.


4 Comments to “Hi, my age is – what?”

  1. I am not getting old…my grandchildren are!!!

  2. Hello Lorselle, I stopped by to see how you have been doing since you read the Most Beautiful Girl In The World post. Your comment left me wondering and hoping it would leave a lasting impression. Twenty-six is a great age!

    • hey Tom!
      I’m doing great! Thanks for visiting!
      I am, however, still working on my self-esteem still. LOL
      Yes, I agree! Twenty-six is an awesome age, young but growing a bit older. πŸ˜‰

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