Kitchen woes

nullHere I am sitting in front of the computer thinking of what to do next.

I just asked my husband what we will be having for dinner, and his reply was his usual response, “mala^ nimo “. It is up to you, he said.

Damn it.

I have a confession to make.

I am not the most domesticated wife in the planet. My husband knew that when he signed up to be my other half, because my late grandmother made that very clear. Yep, she even made it extremely clear to my would-be in-laws (all relative in laws who would listen) that I was not talented in that are – cooking and cleaning. Still, I think I managed to get by. I do know how to cook some, clean some, and some some.

My husband is worse. If I am undomesticated, he… well, he’s like the Undomesticated Monster. Okay so maybe he can clean up better than I can, but he feels like cleaning every, say, 6-7 months. I, on the other hand, attempt to clean but my cleaning style is what many have classified as “organized chaos.” He can also cook… he can cook eggs and instant noodles. But that is just about it.

Cooking-wise, I would like to think that I can cook, if I knew what I was going to cook. My biggest problem is actually deciding what to cook. I do not claim to be a pro at this, but at least I can deliver something edible every now and again.

I have reasons for not following this desire to cook (I do want to cook, ya know). Some of my reasons are as follows:

a) we have one table-top stove. Good for cooking food one at a time
b) cooking requires money, and unfortunately I am not that rich, so all those nice dishes I want to cook –
c) we do not have a refrigerator. This means that if I cook something, it would have to be something that will go away at the end of the meal. This also means I cannot keep ingredients to stay fresh long enough.
d) my husband and his family have simple tastes. This means that there have been instances when I cooked something familiar to me but foreign to them… well, they are not THAT adventurous.

So again… I asked my husband what would be our dish for this fine evening.

He said, it is still up to me.

I, on the other hand have no clue whatsoever as to what to prepare.

After the disaster of making mutant brownies, I have resigned to seeking instructions and preparing myself well before diving in and making anything close to edible. Yes, I am a wuss like that.

But that still does not solve my problem.

What to feed these people?

How da heck do I do this?

ARGH! *bang head here*

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