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April 22, 2011

The 10 year mark

When the world goes silent, and you feel the soft breeze that goes with it, sometimes you get melancholic and you start reminiscing.

A couple of days ago, I started getting these messages reminding me of our 10 year reunion at school.

When I look back through all those 10 years since graduating high school I think of all the trouble I got into, the faces that I have met, and of course what growth – huge or otherwise – that has taken place. I am sure most of my peers have done their share of reflection, too.

Yet what I honestly feel apprehensive about is this supposed “after 10 years… what have you done?”

Yes, accomplishments.

One of my buds has even started to pick one person from the other identifying him or her as “success” or “failure”. I think it is mean, and I told him so. But he said that he was just taking into perspective how much people can be a success or failure in a span of 10 years.

It really bothered me that there are some people who do look at you and say “oh she has not done anything with her life for the past 10 years!” or “look at her, she has not left the same city in 10 years, has not even been to other places like me!”

Then again, I am not the type who feels good about themselves after putting people down. Even if the person is unaware that he or she is being put down, I have this feeling that your unkind thoughts are still making those karmic attacks. Heh. But that’s just me and my weird mind.

Then of course there are those who look at your physical change. 10 years is bound to do some damage to a person, and I have talked to people who have looked back at their teenage selves and say “I haven’t aged a day!” Well, okay. Maybe for them. But me? I know I have aged. I wish I could say that I aged gracefully, but I do not think so. Haha Maybe I can improve in the coming few months before that grand reunion so I could say that I look better!!

Ah, but this year for me is about accepting myself and all the changes that I have undergone. I knew that at the start of the year, but I failed to remember that this could be one of the reasons why this is my challenge for the year.

Come what may, I look forward to seeing friends in August.

… and then I lost my train of thought. TO BE CONTINUED.