Here’s to spending countless hours staring at a blank WordPad on your computer screen.

Your soul screams the need for you to release something into the wild, yet for some reason, no words come out.

It is a b!tch, this thing called Writer’s Block, but like what one friend said, the cure to anything you find difficult is to just keep going.

It makes sense if you think about it that way, and MY OH MY, do I envy the Energizer Bunny right now.

It is a curse. An obstacle. A miserable little hurdle that seems to grow higher no matter how high you attempt to jump.

Then again. a friend once said that if hurdles grow higher no matter how high you try to leap, there is always crawling underneath the hurdle or going around it.

But as clever as that may sound, don’t you think that would be a sissy’s way of doing things?

Think about it…

A hurdle is meant to be a hurdle, which means that if you get pass it, you move on to the next hurdle in life. If you go around your hurdle, then you really cheated and you will not have the satisfaction of calling out and say “I OVERCAME THAT HURDLE!” or something along those lines.

So, yes. Hopefully I will finally get over this hurdle. Hopefully, I will be inspired to write again.

The question for me is this: What on Earth are you looking for?

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