Today I don’t feel like doing anything

… I just wanna stay in my bed.

Okay, so maybe that was totally Bruno Mars’ words, but it could easily be anybody else, too. Who says you’re not allowed to state those words? 🙂

I have come to a realization that perhaps I keep too much conversations in my brain. And of course if ideas get stuck in my brain, I tend to talk to people about what I think and what happened, which I realize is a total waste of time, especially if it is not a story but a complaint.

I think stories are more interesting that complaints or rants, so why not turn those evil bad vibes and thinking into something positive like writing a story?

Going to sleep with an angry mind makes me wake up angry at the world as well. And I guess this is also the reason why I am brooding for the past few days.

Okay, so I had a relatively tiring week. It was so tiring that I couldn’t care less if I swiped my makeup off or left it there to make me age while I was asleep. To hell with wrinkles! I will snore!!! Well, at least my husband said I snored like drunk passed out on the lawn. Yay!! My first drunk analogy? comparison? what?

I kept replaying my awful, awful, awful week in my head, and then I realized that I was dwelling in the past! Oh, no, no, no!

I shall not dwell in the past. So if information bothers me, I should just convert it into a story, yes? Let’s try that exercise this week and see where I go.

GOOD MORNING by the way!!

Happy to have talked to you early this fine day.


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