Farewell, dear friend

After almost 5 years of friendship, I managed to say goodbye to a confidant who has stood by me through storm and sunshine.

I used to have a blog over at PencilPushin.com but as of a few days ago, the website has finally folded.

I guess you could chalk that up to the fact that I no longer had money to support it, but then again the absence of any post at all for the past 6 months should be an indication enough that I have let it go and let it be.

Sure, there are a lot of memories that the blog had, but then again, why should I wallow in those memories when I could make new ones? In fact, I’ve been trying to make new ones here.

But I do miss my blog.

Born on October 2006, my blog was everything to me. It got me into enough trouble, that’s for sure, but the comfort and endless supply of space for me to fill was always there. Until I stopped putting things up because I was being censored so much. Ironically, I have been able to express myself here more than I have ever expressed anything in my life.

Oh, no, wait, there was this other blog where I ranted my socks off as well. Hmmm…

There’s this minute pain that has crept into my heart, knowing that I will no longer be able to enjoy that blog. And for the life of me, I have failed to make a backup of the blog posts that I have kept for so long.

I will live.

But before I continue living, here’s a toast to WWW.PENCILPUSHIN.COM! For being a wonderful friend, and for listening to me especially when nobody else listened.

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