Something Borrowed: A Review

So yeah, I may not have updated my 100 books for 2011 list, but I am making headway. I am going to update the list after I make this post, okay? Besides, this is bound to be a short one.

I do not believe in spoiling things for people so I will make this review short and sweet – as short as I can make a review! Maybe.

So… I thought about reading this book despite the fact that it was released a few years ago. I chose to read it now because of the release of the movie Something Borrowed. I have read some reviews about the movie, and although most of the reviews have been negative, I was curious because I happen to like romantic comedies, and its Kate Hudson and the cute John Krasinski.

I was warned by Pebbles that the book was forgettable. Her words, not mine. Still, I think books tend to be better than movies, so I chose to power on and read the book.

Suffice it to say that… I found Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin quite painful to read. 

Normally, short books are easy to read and I often finish them in one day. But this was not the case with Something Borrowed. Although I read it in the way I normally read books, I found myself not quite interested but still hooked for some reason. Do you know that feeling?

At some point I started to wonder if I had some masochistic bone in me since I could not stop despite the torture I felt when reading the book.

Still, I think the book had potential. It just wasn’t presented properly. The first person narrative is often fine with me, after all, I do put up with memoirs, but this one started awful and then limped along like a soldier shot in the leg and is somehow alive due to a morphine drip.

It was tolerable at the start, you know. It was quite interesting then, despite my irritation with how they conversed and how it flowed. But let’s just say that Chapter 1 basically provided everything that would make me think it was somewhere close to the climax. But that’s still the first chapter. Now drag that state of almost reaching the climax but not quite for more than 20 chapters, and then when its supposed to reach the climax, you feel disappointed. With the disappointing climax, you know its there and it passed, you are still dragged through a few more chapters which does not have a point. Or maybe it tried to make a point but I missed it.

All it all, I think the angle which would have been more romantic was bypassed and then somewhat explored in the next book Something Blue. But then again, Something Blue is equally _______.

So yes.

Something Borrowed was painful for me. It was sloppy, easy to forget, so… blah.

But what do I know? I am just a reader. Not a professional critic, not even a writer.

Good night!

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