Inday Goes To The Big City: Day 1

Yesterday was day one, but after that long day, I was knocked out last night, as early as 9 pm-ish!!

Anyway, it has been 6 years since I boarded a plane and flew out of my mountains. Enough for total ignorance to set in! Enough for a certain country girl to check out what the city looks like after all that time.

With a flight schedule from Dumaguete leaving at 8:45 am, somebody woke up at 4:30 am and was already dressed to go by 5:30 am! LOL since the airport is approximately 20 minutes away, I was definitely early. I blame it on the fact that I barely slept that night. Nerves.

When the plane taxied along the strip, my nerves hummed with anticipation that I wasn’t really able to take a lot of shots!

While I was seated at the very last row of the plane, I was sadly not seated by the window. Though I was able to see the white fluffy clouds once the plane was off the ground, I could not fully enjoy it because I was seated next to some dude who snored all the way through the trip.

After the plane landed in NAIA, I was not able to observe everything because my companions moved at the speed of light. I wished we were slower so I could take in the feel of the airport! LOL think: The Terminal. Besides, the van that was supposed to pick us up arrived almost an hour after we went out to Bay 9.

Off we went then to our hotel in Makati, and since I was with some big wigs, I was not able to shoot around cause I was just trying to appear cool. LOL

Ahhh the hotel. The biggest perk so far. Its not really THAT posh… Okay, maybe it is posh, and I have enjoyed one of the best night’s rest in this hotel yet. The view is okay… And I will make another review when I get back.

Yesterday was a loooong day. And I hope it gets better today! I also hope we can actually get out of the hotel and take a look around the city… Or wherever.

That’s all for now. Updates and pictures later!!!


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