Cool mornings and high fever

Right now, everything is quiet. Save for the hum of the netbook, the tapping of keys on the keyboard, sound of the broom sweeping in at neighbor’s, and the occasional passing of vehicles by the road… it is quiet and chilly. I like it.

Though I feel at peace, I fear it is something akin to a “calm before a storm” scenario. What could be brewing ahead?

Last night I surrendered to sleep after fighting off chills and high fever. I could not stop shaking and although the husband piled blankets and some hot water bottles, I felt cold but apparently hot to touch. This is the nth time this month that I have been down with sickness, and I blame the weather.

One cannot fault me because I have done my duty to down as much Vitamin C for protection, other vitamins for other things, and eat right. I left the supposed diet because I am not sure if my body can handle dieting as of the moment. I even drank tons of water enough to make a pool in a week. But apparently that is not enough.

Now what do I do?

The husband swears he is going to rush me off to the hospital if I do not recover. Yet he forgets that apparently we are broke as two plates smashed together. Dry as a forgotten well of dreams, and then some. Though I am thankful for life, I am not sure where to go or what to do next.

There are sounds of footsteps passing by and then some running. I guess it is time to move and face this day, storm or no storm.

The tiredness I feel seeps to the marrow of my bones and makes me want to just curl up in bed and well… I don’t know, just sleep. But I cannot because I have tons of things to do, and this financial challenge is making me restless.

How does one concentrate on things to do when there are problems to face? HOW?!

Still, the chill of the morning and the peace I feel makes me believe I can conquer the world. Perhaps I will be able to conquer the world today. Perhaps.

Now I must continue my tasks. Much time has been spent catering to my ailing body… I should plow some more in order to reap.

I hope your day is starting as peacefully and calmly as mine, and if storms come your way, I hope you stay strong.


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