Think Positive

Warning: entry dictated by train of thought… no editing of course.

I think, by some miracle, these numerous blogs that I have squirreled away have a purpose. These blogs are like nooks and crannies that some how offer solace whenever I want to rant out loud without the world knowing about it. Still, it pays to have some sense of belongingness, that way you can safely say, these are my thoughts.

Censorship is a pain in the ass. At least for me, anonymity holds a certain appeal… but for some reason it also shows a bit of cowardice. But can you actually say a person is a coward because he or she prefers to keep her thoughts to herself?

At any rate, dwelling on the bad things that are happening in your life are just roadblocks you are setting up for yourself. Now isn’t that rather pathetic?

Well now. Let’s not go down that road.

A recent blog post by preacher Bo Sanchez discusses how people can either have a BREAKDOWN or a BREAKTHROUGH. He states that a people feel pain in various stages of their lives, but it is not the pain that matters, but how people react to that pain. More like stress with Fight or Flight responses. In a way, I guess it IS that.

Now I’ve been having numerous conversations with myself over the past few days that have more or less pushed me to the edge. The question now is whether or not I will fall or fly? Breakdown or Breakthrough. I simply refuse to breakdown. I’ve brokendown a zillion times in the past, and I’ve come to a conclusion today that breaking down is not an option. Breaking through is the only way.

I guess I just ran out of people to talk to lately that all this thinking has gotten me crazy. Sure, I have a lot of problems right now, but there is only one way and that is up. So here we go.

I’ve also missed blogging. Blogging lets me get out all these feelings that I have kept inside. Journalling usually works, but you know how typing gets these thoughts out faster than you can say FAST FOOD!

I started writing this post as a rant. I had complaints in mind.

Somehow, mid-rant, I noticed that I was about to launch this tirade or blast of “oh, woe is meee…” but I stopped myself. *very good self!*

The only way to counter negativity is to think positive and be thankful / grateful always.

So thank you, blog, for being there for me. And thank you, reader, for reading up to this part.


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