You can be practically anywhere in the world and be connected via the Internet as long as your gadgets – whatever they are – are capable of going online.

You can talk, chat, and be socially active online, watch your loved ones from afar, and be as virtually connected as you can possibly be. Sometimes even sexually – – – 😉

But for some reason, no matter where you are in the world, even when you are surrounded by people, sometimes you do feel alone. And although I have no plans of publicly breaking into Heart’s “Alone,” that is exactly what I feel right at this very moment.

I could go about the place, sure. But I could just stay here in front of the computer where I feel safe talking to my husband and mother. Yet there is a whole city out there with people I do not recognize, streets I do not know, and well… funds that are running low. But then again, I could be adventurous. I could be. But I would still be alone.

Where I am at is not a place that is so hard to adapt. That is for sure, and by tomorrow, I embark on another journey. Home. That is what gives me strength at least, because the prospect of actually holding my loved ones is something that money cannot buy. Still, we do have to sacrifice distance in order for us to survive, or at the very least keep our heads afloat. Not just mine, but others as well.

Cryptic. I know.

Anyway, this is just me winding down after the long day of running about. Good news is that my siblings are safe, and by tomorrow, I can actually start preparing for home.

And yes, I still feel alone.

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