X down, Y to go: Protector Series

I know I have not been updating my 100 Books for 2011 list for MONTHS now, but that does not mean that I have stopped reading. I haven’t. But I also haven’t been writing down what books I have finished because too many things have been on my mind over the last few months.

It is a good thing, however, that I have somewhat broken free of those things that were binding me, so I can post now as freely as I want. I shall start with an update on my reading achievement. So, I just finished the Protector Series (also known as the Aphrodite Series) by Julie Kenner. This series is composed of four books that I started reading in June, but after reading the first three books, it took me quite a while to start the fourth.

I am truly a sucker for books with superheros, witches, romance, and most recently, dystopian themes. Yes, fiction.

The Protector Series features a group of Protectors (superheroes) who deal with their existence in the mortal world and battle evil Outcasts – naturally. The four books are the following:

  1. Aphrodite’s Kiss (2001)
  2. Aphrodite’s Passion (2002)
  3. Aphrodite’s Secret (2003)
  4. Aphrodite’s Flame (2004)

So far, my favorites in the series are the first and the last one. The first one, because Ms. Kenner was able to somewhat make my eyes explode with the senses that Zoe encounters. It’s kind of psychedelic… but that’s just me. The last one, because Ms. Kenner was able to fully close the story arc somehow and give one recurring character retribution. And the emotions, though not as intense as the first, were more vivid compared to the second and third.

At any rate, these four books are now going to add to the 100 Books for 2011 collection. However, I am quite afraid that I may not be able to complete such a goal, perhaps next year I will set my sights on a number lower than 100.

Have you read any interesting books today?

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