EvilCon 2011

I had a great day today. It started off well with a refreshing bath, productive with work, did laundry, cooked lunch, and helped the kids with their homework. I even managed to head over to BDO to see if I could already get my new BDO Savings card thingie. Alas, due to the Bonifacio Holiday, I found the bank closed. I should have thought about that before I went there though. Then again, I guess staying at home means that I get all my holidays muddled up – save for the MAJOR ones.

So the first half of my day was very productive. I spent the earlier part of the second half bawling my eyes out because I am a sentimental fool. I do not know what is wrong with me but I am just so quick to cry these days. I hope I am not pregnant. I don’t think I am!

At around 3:30 p.m., I went out to meet with Miss Feyoh and Peanut (Jae) for our yearly EvilCon. It’s not really a gathering of evil people… we just like to call it as such. Anyway, this time we got together and dined at Mooon Cafe near Silliman University, and feasted on Beef Burritos, Beef Tacos, pizza, quesadillas, and drank something called a SunCooler.

This would be us, the three Caballeros:

Moi, Mic, and Jae (plus the table)

Mooon Cafe's SunCooler (alcoholic version)

The SunCooler was a mixture of vodka, grenadine, watermelon bits, orange slices, etc etc. I have no idea what else went in there, but it was a bit haphazardly done that I no sooner finished my first glass that I felt a wee bit buzzed. Of course, since somebody had more than 3 glasses, I had to have my share and added more to my initial glass.

The gathering was fantastic! I had so much fun my head started to hurt!

We then headed over to the mall where I purchased some goods that my kiddos and husband needed.

After giggling all over the mall, we finally set our sights home and went on our way.

Though I still feel a bit buzzed, the chat with Pebbles has splashed water on my face and now I am off to work.

Yes, sometimes a day in the life of yours truly can consist of more than just one achievement!!



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  1. And don’t forget, somebody ran and screamed at the mall afterwards…

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