Moleskine 2012 Planner Giveaway

My friends and I have this thing about notebooks. I mean, we have this interest in notebooks that aside from the fact that we actually use the notebooks, we also have them lined up in a nice row where we can admire the sheer beauty of the notebooks. No kidding.

A notebook collection!

Anyway, is hosting the Moleskine 2012 Planner Giveaway, where you can get a chance to win your own 2012 Moleskine Planner and all its gorgeous beauty! You can follow the mechanics specified at the page and just post the progress or what you did at the bottom. You can do at least one of the specified things to do, or you can do them all. Remember, it is a raffle/giveaway. Good luck!

For this contest, participants have to answer this question either in the comments section of the giveaway page or in their blogs. I chose to do both. The question is:

What are you thankful for this year 2011?

My answer:

There are a lot of things that I am thankful for 2011. I am thankful that I am alive, and that the good Lord has given me and my family the gift of good health. I am also thankful for all the blessings this year as God does provide especially in times of need. I am thankful for kind friends and kind people, as well as people who do care about the world and others. Lastly, I am thankful that I was/am able to live a full 2011, and that the promise of a fruitful 2012 is at my grasp.

Pebbles, Miss Feyoh, and my mom always tell me that it is always important to be thankful for the blessings that you have. And it is true, you should be thankful not just for one year as a whole, but for every day that is spent.



2 Comments to “Moleskine 2012 Planner Giveaway”

  1. I love notebooks! I have tons of it – some used, but mostly aren’t. And now I want Moleskine’s! Thanks for the info.

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