Flying Chronicles: The Situation; Day 1

Written on Dec. 21, was not able to post it though. Saved it in a draft.


I am currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, staying at a hotel somewhere… I really don’t know where this is, but it’s really cute. Not really a luxurious hotel, but the rooms are comfortable enough and upon arrival super early this morning, I slept like a log. One problem that I have with the place is that there is no work desk so I have to work on the bed, a position I am not really comfortable with. But I will manage.

Anyway, the trip was not exactly as comfortable as well. See, I have colds and cough so I suffered from the difficulty of having ear popping-whatever-you-call-it sensations. I think I was THIS close to fainting from the pain, and all I wanted was to curl at the bed at home and be cared for by D because that is my idea of comfort.

I survived. Though my ears still hurt so bad.

~ Day 1 ~

So, since we arrived after midnight yesterday and we were able to be refreshed for a new “day” a few hours later.

Yesterday, we were able to visit the War Remnants Museum and spent a good hour or two checking out the display.

There were several things that somewhat served as reminders of how that war was. I don’t know how I can explain the feeling that I had during my visit, except that I think there was just too much life lost on both sides… Though I must admit that throughout my life, I always thought that the US troops were the ones who lost a lot, but now I understand so much more. And though years have passed since that gruesome time, I saw that what happened is still very much reflected on the following generations.

It’s just sad.

After the hours we spent at the War Remnants Museum, we went to the Zoo. I don’t remember the name.. I think there is just one Zoo in Ho Chi Minh City, but not sure.

We went there on my request so that I could see the animals and take pictures. For my kids, you know? 🙂

We really didn’t do that much there… just tried to see as many animals as we could.

My favorite, of course, was the LION! 🙂

We dined at the diner of sorts at the Zoo itself. This was my first meal in Vietnam! We had breakfast earlier at the hotel, but my mom brought Filipino food so we dined on the usual fare.

One of the dishes was Crab Soup. There was actually some other dishes, but I was not able to take pictures because the camera died.

And that, was Day 1.

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  1. Vietnam! Been wanting to go. Can’t wait to read the rest. 😀

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