A San Antonio Spurs Fan’s Lament

So the 2013 NBA Finals is already done and the Miami Heat are the victors of an epic 7 series match. From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate the Miami Heat for their win, and for doing a spectacular job. The games were not won just by LeBron James alone, but through key players and their coach as well.


But this is about my San Antonio Spurs. Yes. MY SPURS. I dare call them mine because I’ve been following them around since the 2001-2002 series. During that time something just clicked and I fell in love with the team. I couldn’t memorize the names of the players back then, because the L.A. Lakers were the IT team. But I just could not shake off being drawn to the San Antonio SPURS.

Little by little, I became more engrossed by the Spurs and got hooked by Tim Duncan and David Robinson, and then by Tony Parker.

The following year, Manu Ginobili came to play. He had a full head of hair back then, and was at first not so much in rhythm, and then when he finally figured out all the possibilities, it was simply wonderful to watch.

Best part yet, they won the 2003 NBA Championship.

Many friends of mine think I am overreacting when I say I am devastated and hurt by the Spurs’ loss against the Heat. Most of them are newly converted fans of the Spurs, though most of them have written out the Spurs as a geriatric bunch who are essentially nobodies.

That is why for others, it is not that painful. ‘It is just a game.’ For me, it is not.

I have watched the Spurs through all those years. Rooting for them, screaming, and all the myriad of emotions for the Spurs. MY SPURS. MY Big Three.

Though I was in the Philippines, and now in Cambodia, every time they step on court, it’s like I am right there on the ringside, cheering till my throat hurts. So after the defeat, I shed a tear, and my heart broke. It still hurts until now. Even my husband is brokenhearted, so much so that when the recap was played on the television, he shut it off – including news snippets about the loss.

It’s like doomsday. I know a LOT was riding on this post-season, especially for the Big Three. The defeat scares me because somehow I know there will be changes next season. Some people said that the Spurs will get them next time, but no, one season is different from the next season. And this particular season is just different.

I do not know if Manu will retire or not. What will happen? People will argue with me regarding this, but I know for a fact that Manu is an important part of the Spurs, even if he does not do a ‘Vintage Manu’. Manu is Manu. There is no changing that.

Yes, I love the Big Three. And with that obsession, we (my husband and I) have followed them around through their other exploits that do not involve the Spurs. National basketball teams, marriages, etc. Yep. Fans.

Want more proof? My husband and I named our son after Manu Ginobili. I love Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, too, but Manu has simply captured our hearts a little bit more. And the truth is, whenever I see their pictures post-Game 7, I just cannot stop myself from tearing up – again.

The Spurs are fantastic basketball players. Though they do not have the flair of other teams, and they are not flashy or loud-mouthed or have big egos, but they are better. Basketball is a team sport. Not an I/ME sport with a supporting cast. The Spurs go through seasons by playing together as a team as what Pop has taught them again and again. Their discipline, awareness, fundamentals, and teamwork is something that surpasses all the teams. Yes, other teams have spectacular players, but the cohesion is something that you can only find with the Spurs.

I could go on and on about the Spurs. I think this is reason enough as to why I feel so much pain about their loss. Other’s do not understand. And that is okay. To them, I am just another fan.

I am writing this down so that I can move on. Whatever happens in the future, I will always love the San Antonio Spurs, the Big Three, and Coach Gregg Popovich. They will always have my support, come what may. And if my son ends up playing basketball, I will tell him to look to the Spurs for inspiration. Because they will always be the BEST for me.


I ❤ Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Coach Pop.

I ❤ Manu Ginobili, and I will always GINOBILIEVE.


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