Here we go again.

I’m blogging here, and I am also blogging there… and posting pictures everywhere.

A mess, I am. No question about that.

But this blog, this has always been one of those blogs that I could just pour out my heart and soul with ease. Although some posts here are rather mundane, but they used to perk me up whenever the heart felt a little bit down.

These days, I find myself reaching out to writing more. I miss it. I miss having words flow, especially since it has been a challenge to write for the past year.

Sometimes I ache to write on paper. To journal, to write on several notebooks I’ve accumulated. (Yes, I have a habit of collecting notebooks.) But writing using a pen sometimes stops me because of my laziness.

Typing helps my fingers keep up with the pace which my mind runs on.

So lets say I am hoping to blog again.

I’ve said that so many times, I don’t even believe myself.


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