Challenges 2015

Last year as a tumultuous year for me, plagued with so many aches and pains. Yet this year I define 2015 as “Challenges.”

Challenges are common in life, and I’ve had aplenty. Sometimes, I ask myself if I have had enough. Naturally, the answer is YES! But do I run out of challenges? No. I seem to have been born in a bottomless pit of challenges.

I could say I would like to give up just about now. I feel tired all the way to my bones. I should retire and move to the mountains. Right now, however, I am a hermit in the city. Yep.

As if my challenges are not enough, here I stand – or sit – challenging myself to write more this year. I challenge myself to rekindle my creativity… Thereby attempting to write more, draw more, shoot more.

In my Instagram account, I have my 52 weeks challenge. Maybe I can do something like that again with writing. Like DailyPost…

Right now, the Philippines has a very special visitor, Pope Francis.

To me, he has a face that emanates kindness. Looking at him just makes me want to cry.

Today is also the Sinulog Festival, celebrating Sto. Niño.. What a nice day it is.


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