How long has it been since you’ve told a story?

A story does not necessarily mean one has to start with a “Once upon a time” line, but rather the process of sharing an experience. It could be fiction or embellished with flair. It could be fantasized or perhaps totally insane, or inane for that matter. The point of storytelling, for me, is sharing to the world a memory, a snippet, a moment.

Although it is true that not everybody is gifted with words, one simply needs to wait patiently, observe, and somehow there is always something that can be told.

If you wait in a cafe at around 5 in the afternoon, you might catch a group of girls come in and sit at the corner booth. They would sit enjoying their iced frappes, gushing about boys and clothes, or talking about rocket science. Who knows? But if you listen closely, you would realize that this is STORYTELLING.

Shouldn’t you be telling your story today? 💜

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