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November 29, 2011

Books for 2011: The Magicians

I cannot recall where I came across the book “The Magicians” by Lev Grossman. I think it was because somebody commented somewhere that Allison Harvard of ANTM looks like Alice Quinn in the said series.

While I did forget about the comparison, somehow thinking about it, I do think Allison fits the bill. But one person is fictional, whereas the other is living and breathing.

At any rate, I started reading The Magicians two days ago, and although for some reason I find myself not exactly bored by it, but I am not totally enamored by it as well. Yet, I cannot seem to put the book / ebook down. It’s like, despite the fact that I do not care much about the characters, I still care enough to read. And it is not like i have nothing to read – because I do have other books to read – I keep on reading.

The writing is not bad, in fact, I believe it is quite good. Lev Grossman manages to describe something but not really describe it at all… it’s foggy. But then again, I guess that is what the book is all about, some place that is there but is not.

Right from the time I started reading, I decided parts of it were smelling like “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Though I have not read the books yet – and you can crucify me now – but I am familiar with the story, so this book has a layer to it that screams Narnia. But it’s really not the main story… and parts of it smell like Harry Potter, and even has references to Harry Potter, but it still isn’t it.

After a while, I just decided to continue reading and stop minding the references and perhaps just tag it as cool because the references are there but not really.

I am not sure if I have the stamina to continue reading though. But since I have this dislike for unfinished books, I think I shall keep on reading and hope for the best. Since it is interesting enough, I think I shall read on…

What do you think? Have you heard about or read this book?

Allison Harvard of ANTM

November 24, 2011

X down, Y to go: Protector Series

I know I have not been updating my 100 Books for 2011 list for MONTHS now, but that does not mean that I have stopped reading. I haven’t. But I also haven’t been writing down what books I have finished because too many things have been on my mind over the last few months.

It is a good thing, however, that I have somewhat broken free of those things that were binding me, so I can post now as freely as I want. I shall start with an update on my reading achievement. So, I just finished the Protector Series (also known as the Aphrodite Series) by Julie Kenner. This series is composed of four books that I started reading in June, but after reading the first three books, it took me quite a while to start the fourth.

I am truly a sucker for books with superheros, witches, romance, and most recently, dystopian themes. Yes, fiction.

The Protector Series features a group of Protectors (superheroes) who deal with their existence in the mortal world and battle evil Outcasts – naturally. The four books are the following:

  1. Aphrodite’s Kiss (2001)
  2. Aphrodite’s Passion (2002)
  3. Aphrodite’s Secret (2003)
  4. Aphrodite’s Flame (2004)

So far, my favorites in the series are the first and the last one. The first one, because Ms. Kenner was able to somewhat make my eyes explode with the senses that Zoe encounters. It’s kind of psychedelic… but that’s just me. The last one, because Ms. Kenner was able to fully close the story arc somehow and give one recurring character retribution. And the emotions, though not as intense as the first, were more vivid compared to the second and third.

At any rate, these four books are now going to add to the 100 Books for 2011 collection. However, I am quite afraid that I may not be able to complete such a goal, perhaps next year I will set my sights on a number lower than 100.

Have you read any interesting books today?

August 13, 2011

Quick Book Feedback: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I heard about The Hunger Games months – or a year – ago and was semi-interested in the story. The way I heard about it, all I could think about was “televised competition.” And I guess you could say I was a bit biased so I dismissed the series just like that.

You know how curiousity killed the cat? Well, I, the cat, am considered a survivor but the curious part is still intact.

I caved and read the series because a good friend of mine got me the whole box set for my birthday. And you know how I know I liked it? Well, I just finished Book One and Two in a week or so.

I seriously could not put the books down! Even when I was eating, the books were in my hands, and even when I told my husband I was going to sleep, I was still reading!

Then came the busy parts of my life and poof! Book Three is still in my book bag waiting for a free time. When that will happen, I have no idea. But I want to get on with it!

Okay, so I cheated, I skipped sections and stuff of Book Three because the dreams were tormenting me… seriously, I dream about it and for some reason I have aspirations of becoming a hunter. LOL

Oh well.

So yes, new books to add to my list.


My rating: FANTASTIC!

June 26, 2011

Something Borrowed: A Review

So yeah, I may not have updated my 100 books for 2011 list, but I am making headway. I am going to update the list after I make this post, okay? Besides, this is bound to be a short one.

I do not believe in spoiling things for people so I will make this review short and sweet – as short as I can make a review! Maybe.

So… I thought about reading this book despite the fact that it was released a few years ago. I chose to read it now because of the release of the movie Something Borrowed. I have read some reviews about the movie, and although most of the reviews have been negative, I was curious because I happen to like romantic comedies, and its Kate Hudson and the cute John Krasinski.

I was warned by Pebbles that the book was forgettable. Her words, not mine. Still, I think books tend to be better than movies, so I chose to power on and read the book.

Suffice it to say that… I found Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin quite painful to read. 

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June 5, 2011

Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?

Right now, I am few chapters away from reading Steven Tyler’s memoir “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?”

As much as I want to claim that I blazed through the book and finished it in a couple of days, I must admit that I have not yet finished it but I am cherishing it. Does that make sense?

Right from the first few lines of the Semiprologue, Steven Tyler and his co-writer have caught me hook, line, and sinker.

I am not sure if I am ready to declare that the book is profound nor am I equipped to make a review. But I just want to say that the book is quite entertaining, creative, inspiring, and funny!

Somebody told me that it is not Steven Tyler who wrote the book, but you have to admit, it is quite convincing. The words and the “voice” that the book has literally screams Steven Tyler, and his wackiness, loose-cannonball ideas and what-not are evident as well. I do not mind it at all. I guess I can relate.. my head is as noisy as his head.

My brain spouts gazillion ideas in one hour, making it hard for me to zone in on one idea and just FOCUS! So.. Steven and I have noisy minds.. but unlike his mind, my thoughts are not getting published. Not even on the web! 😛

For some reason, it is taking me the same amount of time to get through the book as I would a book written by Robert Fulghum. I take in all the things that Steven Tyler is talking about, and all these philosophies that he just throws at you.

It is truly a delight so far.

Suffice it to say that I feel stirrings of inspiration despite the current writing stump, and I tip my hat to Steven Tyler for making me happy.

Now… where do I get a paperback version of this book?

April 3, 2011

Whats on my bookshelf?


My friend inspired me to write this post because she gave the world a look of her old books and new bookshelf.

Okay, so in our current bedroom, we have 2 walls that have shelves and a kind of cabinet at the bottom. Technically the room is not ours so I cannot demolish things as of the moment. The shelvs we have divided into two, half of which contains MY clothes – yes, all of my clothes fit a quarter of a wall.

The other half is filled with books that I have collected over the last 2 years. I left a huge box of books at our old house, because there is simply no space for me to stash them. I did have this room at the old house that was filled with 2 more shelves of books too. Harharhar

I do not have a picture of my bookshelf right now, but the books that you can find on my shelf is a huge mix. Seriously. I have books by E.L. Doctorow, Stephen King, Jeffery Deaver seated right next to Robert Fulghum. Then I have computer textbooks right next to Drury & Tillet‘s The Occult: Sourcebook of Esoteric Wisdom. Then I have Shel Silverstein next to a couple of Harlequin Blaze paperbacks, dictionaries and books on classical mythology right next to Jonathan Stroud books. I also have a couple of new age books, a book on herbs, a couple of poetry books, short stories on love next to The Indie Band Survival guide. I also have Gaardner, classic novels like Great Expectations, a couple of compilation books of fairy tales and short stories, autobiographical books like Melville (I had one of Henry the Eighth in gilded hardback but I gave it to a friend). I also have Mitch Albom, Robert Ludlum, Elizabeth Gilbert, Ovid Demaris, Frederick Forsythe, Melissa de la Cruz and Paulo Coelho.

Yes, it is a mix. And that was just my current shelf. Most of the books I have already read. Some are new old books which I got from this sale. I love thrifting for books… did I tell you that?

Anyway, I also have a lot of ebooks that I need to finish. Hardeeharhar.

I am currently reading Rick Riordan’s “The Lost Hero.” Dude, it is so good! I cannot wait for the next installment, and I am just half-way since I started yesterday.

Mythology and me, we be friends. Which is why I kind of like to devour Riordan’s books. If only I could purchase the whole collection of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I would be in heaven.

And that is all. 🙂


P.S. Did I ever tell you I always wanted my own library??

January 26, 2011

I need cash for books

My 2011 goal has not moved an inch!


While I do have 2 books that are coming as soon as I find money to pay for it, I have gotten into a small problem money-wise, and I am $7 dollars short. Now I cannot buy the two books that I have been waiting for. So yeah, NEED CASH FOR BOOKS! I am currently contemplating if I should hold one of those cardboard signs used by homeless folk.

On the other hand, I have not given up entirely. I am still reading whenever I have the time, or when my brain is not too exhausted to think.

Currently, I am reading one of the “Bartimeaus Trilogy” by Jonathan Stroud books which I was able to purchase for $2 which I nabbed from the sale box at our local bookstore. I happen to love it!

I will keep you posted as soon as I manage to finish it though.

Wish me luck!

January 14, 2011

3 down, 97 to go

Okay so I forgot to update my reading goal.

I will be quick about this, okiedokie? 🙂

I finished “Hot Spot” by Debbi Rawlins, and I have now moved forward and currently reading “Heat Wave” by Jill Marie Landis.

No comments for now, except that I live reading these novels because… Well, it inspires me when it comes to my love life. LOL

Current books that will be read soon:

  • “The Last Mafioso” by Ovid Demaris
  • “Misguided Angel” by Melissa de la Cruz
  • “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder (rereading because I love it)
  • “Melville” by Newton Arvin

Regarding the “Melville” book, I actually bought it at BookSale the other day for just Php. 20.00 or half a dollar. Copyright, 1950! 🙂 Not bad at all.

By the way, I am looking for a copy of Max Luthi’s “Once Upon a Time: On the Nature of Fairy Tales”. I wonder if somebody has an ebook copy or perhaps a book. 🙂

January 11, 2011

2 down, 98 to go

Before I forget, I finished my second book last night.

I chose “Manhunting” by Jennifer Crusie.

It was very good! Very, very, very good, actually. She just happens to know how to put funny and romantic into the same book EFFECTIVELY without going too corny, if you know what I mean. Very witty, too!

I am so much in love with Jennifer Crusie. i wish I could write like her.

Right now, I am reading “Hot Spot” by Debbi Rawlins. Yeah, more romance in my system. You should hear my thoughts these days, I think I am writing a book in my brain! But I have not written a single line yet. Thou shall not smirk at my book preferences! I want something that would pull me out of my misery, and this looks like it could be the answer.

Who knows, it may be in the stars that I would become a novelist some day. I always wanted to be one.

Heeh. 98 books to go!

January 9, 2011

1 down, 99 to go

Quick update on how my reading is going.

Since I posted my resolution / goal, I have finished the book I said I just started reading.This means that I have 1 down, and 99 more to go!

No worries, though.

I do not know what to tackle next, but I was thinking any of the following books by Jennifer Crusie:

  • Manhunting
  • Getting Rid of Bradley
  • Anyone But You

I am currently curious of other Jennifer Crusie books after finishing The Cinderella Deal a few days ago. I absolutely fell in love with the said book and now I am quite curious as to how the other books would live up to my expectations.

As for the book I just finished, “What She Really Wants For Christmas” by Debbi Rawlins, I liked it a lot. Though it was not the type that kept me really, really hooked. I like the suspense parts, but I wish the ending had a little bit more oomph. Anyway, like I said, a bit of light reading, yes?

I’ll update you later as to which book I managed to tackle.