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September 10, 2014

Rainy Evenings and Frankie S.

Listening to the rhythm of the pouring rain is soothing. This is why I have a thing for RainyMood because it helps me relax.

The weather right now is just a bit relaxing, and I cannot help but put on some Frank Sinatra to bolster my mood.

Dare I say that Frank Sinatra and the rain go hand in hand? Well, not all of his songs. But for songs like Moon River, My Way, and several other ‘moody’ melodies he has, then I think his voice is a perfect fit. His songs lull me to sleep, or at least let me imagine myself immersed in a tub filled with warm soapy water, while lit scented candles surround me.

Luxurious? Relaxing? Surely!

Only in my mind.

In truth, I am sitting, listening to the rain. Temporarily disconnecting my brain from all other thoughts and just let Frank Sinatra take me away.


Frank Sinatra is telling me to go fly with him… apparently there is some exotic booze in far Bombay…