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December 1, 2011

EvilCon 2011

I had a great day today. It started off well with a refreshing bath, productive with work, did laundry, cooked lunch, and helped the kids with their homework. I even managed to head over to BDO to see if I could already get my new BDO Savings card thingie. Alas, due to the Bonifacio Holiday, I found the bank closed. I should have thought about that before I went there though. Then again, I guess staying at home means that I get all my holidays muddled up – save for the MAJOR ones.

So the first half of my day was very productive. I spent the earlier part of the second half bawling my eyes out because I am a sentimental fool. I do not know what is wrong with me but I am just so quick to cry these days. I hope I am not pregnant. I don’t think I am!

At around 3:30 p.m., I went out to meet with Miss Feyoh and Peanut (Jae) for our yearly EvilCon. It’s not really a gathering of evil people… we just like to call it as such. Anyway, this time we got together and dined at Mooon Cafe near Silliman University, and feasted on Beef Burritos, Beef Tacos, pizza, quesadillas, and drank something called a SunCooler.

This would be us, the three Caballeros:

Moi, Mic, and Jae (plus the table)

Mooon Cafe's SunCooler (alcoholic version)

The SunCooler was a mixture of vodka, grenadine, watermelon bits, orange slices, etc etc. I have no idea what else went in there, but it was a bit haphazardly done that I no sooner finished my first glass that I felt a wee bit buzzed. Of course, since somebody had more than 3 glasses, I had to have my share and added more to my initial glass.

The gathering was fantastic! I had so much fun my head started to hurt!

We then headed over to the mall where I purchased some goods that my kiddos and husband needed.

After giggling all over the mall, we finally set our sights home and went on our way.

Though I still feel a bit buzzed, the chat with Pebbles has splashed water on my face and now I am off to work.

Yes, sometimes a day in the life of yours truly can consist of more than just one achievement!!


July 3, 2011

The July Deal

My birthday is on July 27. If you have any gifts you want to send me, this month would be most appropriate! 🙂

Last night, my King (aka, husband) made me a deal, which is for my own good anyway.

The deal is that I will STOP drinking soda (i.e., Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7UP) and all other variants as well as reduce my rice intake until said birthday. If I break it, I cannot watch the last installment of Harry Potter at the cinema.

Since I am a HUGE HUGE (also literally speaking) HARRY POTTER FAN, I have made that pledge. It may be easy for some people to do, but it is hard for me to accomplish. Which makes things a bit sweeter, I believe. At least he did not throw in the “stop eating donuts” bit or take away my chocolate. I guess he believes in baby steps, so baby steps it is.

The deal came about when I told my King about a relative’s health issue where blood pressure of the concerned party is at 200/130. So…. wake up call for the unhealthy person that is me.

I hope I win this deal. Even if the movie will show earlier than my birthday, I do not see the need to break it. I just need a deal to start anything. hahaha I do not have enough discipline, you see.

Anybody else care to make a deal with me? Like… Stop eating rice and I will give you an iPOD TOUCH or… something. hahaha

March 27, 2011

Kitchen woes

nullHere I am sitting in front of the computer thinking of what to do next.

I just asked my husband what we will be having for dinner, and his reply was his usual response, “mala^ nimo “. It is up to you, he said.

Damn it.

I have a confession to make.

I am not the most domesticated wife in the planet. My husband knew that when he signed up to be my other half, because my late grandmother made that very clear. Yep, she even made it extremely clear to my would-be in-laws (all relative in laws who would listen) that I was not talented in that are – cooking and cleaning. Still, I think I managed to get by. I do know how to cook some, clean some, and some some.

My husband is worse. If I am undomesticated, he… well, he’s like the Undomesticated Monster. Okay so maybe he can clean up better than I can, but he feels like cleaning every, say, 6-7 months. I, on the other hand, attempt to clean but my cleaning style is what many have classified as “organized chaos.” He can also cook… he can cook eggs and instant noodles. But that is just about it.

Cooking-wise, I would like to think that I can cook, if I knew what I was going to cook. My biggest problem is actually deciding what to cook. I do not claim to be a pro at this, but at least I can deliver something edible every now and again.

I have reasons for not following this desire to cook (I do want to cook, ya know). Some of my reasons are as follows:

a) we have one table-top stove. Good for cooking food one at a time
b) cooking requires money, and unfortunately I am not that rich, so all those nice dishes I want to cook –
c) we do not have a refrigerator. This means that if I cook something, it would have to be something that will go away at the end of the meal. This also means I cannot keep ingredients to stay fresh long enough.
d) my husband and his family have simple tastes. This means that there have been instances when I cooked something familiar to me but foreign to them… well, they are not THAT adventurous.

So again… I asked my husband what would be our dish for this fine evening.

He said, it is still up to me.

I, on the other hand have no clue whatsoever as to what to prepare.

After the disaster of making mutant brownies, I have resigned to seeking instructions and preparing myself well before diving in and making anything close to edible. Yes, I am a wuss like that.

But that still does not solve my problem.

What to feed these people?

How da heck do I do this?

ARGH! *bang head here*

March 25, 2011

Friday night thoughts

Life is odd.

There are nights when you simply cannot stop from writing and working, and then there are days where you just refuse to write anything down that is connected with work.

Tonight is one of those days.

I just finished a book entitled  “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie, and was duly inspired by the fact that I should not stop eating carbs and just love myself.

Earlier this year, I was given a bit of a prediction from a friend that one of my challenges this year is to love myself and accept myself for who I am. I guess you could say that this has always been one of the biggest challenges that I have had to face in my entire life. It is not pretty, and I know that everybody else goes through it. I guess I just wanted to have a place to present my feelings to.

Did you know that all over the world, women berate themselves because they think that they do not have a nice body or that they are not sexy at all. But from what I just learned, that is not the case. In fact, curvy women like myself are still sexy, and that, well, in a way, men have more fun with women who eat and are comfortable with their bodies compared to the women who frequently fret about their size, appearance, and the food that they consume.

Believe me, I think that is also quite tiresome.

Right now, I am running out of things to write about.

But I just wanted the whole worled that… uhm… Lorselle is thinking about nothing on a Friday night! 🙂


February 6, 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries


I know, I know, I have been absent for a few days, missing all these posts that I have to make. I know.

I was busy, as I mentioned previously that I was out of town and the Internet connection was just horrible that I thought maybe I should just take a break from all my posting – especially the daily ones. The DailyPost has been trying their best, but hey, you cannot win them all, eh?

This week they started the Weekly Photo Challenge, and with that in mind, I checked my recently taken photos during my trip, and I found one that just might suit the theme.


Boundaries has many concepts or interpretations. For some, it could be the distance between two islands that set up boundaries. For some, it could be language barriers. There are also those that have physical barriers, like prison bars, bedroom walls, building walls, or maybe as clear as glass.

My photo depicts the last boundary, which is clear glass. To be specific, there is a barrier between myself and the scrumptious dessert on the display case at Nothing But Desserts in Smallville, Iloilo City:

Mmm.. scrumptious, delicious, heavenly, divine, and totally not good for me!

BUT, I managed to cross that boundary and insisted on buying one even if it was not within my budget. What can I say? Desserts will be the death of me!

In a way, this would be my 52 week challenge for the year to post pictures! Yay me!


January 30, 2011

Families, like brownies, are nutty

Photo from Google

I love brownies.
I love nuts.

But right now, the brownies and nuts are giving me headaches and is making my temperature spike.

I do not wish to vent.

I wish the DailyPost topic did not make ask me to vent because somehow I feel that venting would make me breakdown into a hundred gazillion pieces. But what they heck, it is still absolutely fun!

If you asked me 3 or 4 days ago, my ultimate answer to the daily question would be: Family.

Now I refuse to go into the specifics, just that somehow I no longer have anger in me.

See, that’s me. That is how I treat with all the unpleasant things in life.

If unpleasant things happen or obstacles, I attempt to face it as much as I can. I try to make things work, and if people ask me nicely, I often even go the extra 100 miles. But there is one thing that makes me clam up faster than an oyster whose pearl is about to be stolen, and that is by force.

Some people think the only way to get through ANYBODY and not just myself is through force. If they attempt to do that with me, then I either fight back or clam up. In most cases, somebody’s hand gets caught and they bash my head here and there. But I hang on and be as stubborn as a mule.

Though clamped up, I no longer fret. So basically, right now, in my life, despite all the roadblocks and obstacles I foresee ahead, I do not worry. Sure, I think I might be doing more than just color my hair red this year out of frustration, but I think I can do it.

So brownies, like families, are filled with nuts and can drive me extra nutty. But hey, if I think about it, brownies have more yum than nuts. So if I do not want the nuts… well, that’s for me to decide, eh?