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November 29, 2011

Books for 2011: The Magicians

I cannot recall where I came across the book “The Magicians” by Lev Grossman. I think it was because somebody commented somewhere that Allison Harvard of ANTM looks like Alice Quinn in the said series.

While I did forget about the comparison, somehow thinking about it, I do think Allison fits the bill. But one person is fictional, whereas the other is living and breathing.

At any rate, I started reading The Magicians two days ago, and although for some reason I find myself not exactly bored by it, but I am not totally enamored by it as well. Yet, I cannot seem to put the book / ebook down. It’s like, despite the fact that I do not care much about the characters, I still care enough to read. And it is not like i have nothing to read – because I do have other books to read – I keep on reading.

The writing is not bad, in fact, I believe it is quite good. Lev Grossman manages to describe something but not really describe it at all… it’s foggy. But then again, I guess that is what the book is all about, some place that is there but is not.

Right from the time I started reading, I decided parts of it were smelling like “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Though I have not read the books yet – and you can crucify me now – but I am familiar with the story, so this book has a layer to it that screams Narnia. But it’s really not the main story… and parts of it smell like Harry Potter, and even has references to Harry Potter, but it still isn’t it.

After a while, I just decided to continue reading and stop minding the references and perhaps just tag it as cool because the references are there but not really.

I am not sure if I have the stamina to continue reading though. But since I have this dislike for unfinished books, I think I shall keep on reading and hope for the best. Since it is interesting enough, I think I shall read on…

What do you think? Have you heard about or read this book?

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