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January 12, 2011

An hour to live

Well that seems bleak.

What would you do if you had an hour to live?

I honestly wish I could say I would have sex with my King but that sounds too selfish. I do not want to bawl my eyes out either, because that might be traumatic for my kids. I’ve got two, in case I forgot to mention that.

Now if I had an hour to live, I guess I would divide it into parts.

a) Write blog post – this being a bonus 5 minutes to write my blog post and say what I am about to do on the last few minutes of my life.

b) I’d have a mind-blowing quickie with my King – duuuhhh! I definitely want brand him and make sure no other woman tops that experience. I guess 10-15 minutes would do?

c) I would write letters to my friends and family – maybe some last words of wisdom and thanksgiving can be inserted in this part. Since I write pretty fast and I think I would have adrenaline rush trying to squeeze everything into an hour, methinks I can do the writing in 5-10 minutes. I wont write lengthy emails, mind you.

d) Spend time with my family – ah, the sorrowful and tearful goodbye. I want to hug and kiss my kids and tell them wise words as best as I can. I want to just be with my family and nobody else! I would just have make the most of the last few minutes of my life to be thankful and cherish my family and friends.

That would be it, yeah.

So this would supposedly be the end of my 5 minutes writing this post… which means I will (supposedly) have a quickie with my King? In… 5…4…3…2…1!