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February 12, 2011


I love words.

I think that is obvious especially if you know me personally. Why so? Well, for starters, I write, write, write. Then I read, read, read. But I guess most of all I am quite chatty.

But if I were to choose my favorite word, it would be,


because of Mary Poppins, and it is perhaps the first really long word that I learned back when I was just beginning to make friends with words, music, and songs.

Taken from Urban Dictionary


It took me a couple of years before I ran into the word, if it is a word anyway, which is “buruguduystunstugudunstuy”. This was back in high school where it was used as an album title or something.

My least favorite word, on the other hand would perhaps be … well, I cannot think of any word that I detest. Perhaps I do have one, but seeing that it is already 12:13 in the morning, I am already quite sleepy.

Aaaand.. I guess that is my cue. I shall go snooze now. My brain is killing me.


February 8, 2011

A teacher doesnt always have to be a Teacher

I do not want to talk about the worst teacher I ever had.

If we are talking about a teacher who has earned a degree in teaching who I have deemed as the worst in my experience, then perhaps there have been a few. No names, just… things or quirks about teachers that are a bit humorous, bordering at annoying, but not exactly to the point of being the worst. After all, we are all teachers in our own right, especially when we try to teach somebody how to do things. Ergo, we are still teachers. So I refuse to bash. ;]

I do, have a number of teachers who have their quirks that make them standout. If you allow me, I shalll point out these eccentricities and mannerisms that make my teachers my own.

  • Teacher A writes on the whyte board from one side to another of a whole room. All she does is write, write, and write. In the end, we copy, copy, copy. Basically, that is all that I did throughout the semester. COPY.
  • Teacher B says “so… ah”  a lot, lot, lot! My friends and I soon did what all students do when they have teachers like these: We counted the number of “so..ah” in a session. Yay!
  • Teacher C says there is a 15 minute chance for us to come to class without being late. BUT she closes the classroom door 10 minutes before the time! I guess she doesn’t want any students then?
  • Teacher D has a nice round bum. She points it out to all of us on a regular basis. LOL
  • Teacher E gives exams that have essays at the back. ONLY you have to make sure that your essays are composed of paragraphs in the book memorized word-for-every-painful-word.
  • Teacher F loves to climb up the desk and actively demonstrates the difference of gravity and free falling objects. As well as centripetal force. I just love physics!
  • Teacher G makes us cook and sew. All the time she just listens to the radio.

Okay, it isn’t really that bad. I think I turned out okay despite all the wackiness I experienced at school.

You are not allowed to bash my teachers because my teachers are wonderful despite their moments.

This is not a post to bash teachers, rather to see them as human beings despite being taught that they are monkey- or child-eating bionic humans.

At the end of my scholastic years, I still tear up whenever I hear “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu. I guess this is what you get if your grandmother’s a teacher, your grandfather’s a teacher, and you grew up with them!

*Yet another entry for DailyPost.*

January 13, 2011

Looking ahead at 2010 – I mean, 11!

“I can’t read clearly! Read it! Read it! Read it!”

“Where are your glasses?”

“How should I know? I called them, they didn’t answer. Read it!”

“Which one?”

“That one! Recent DailyPost topic of the day.”

“This one?”

“I think so… does it say anything about having 60 minutes to live?”


“Well? What does it say?!”

“Oh. Topic for today is, ‘What are you looking forward to this year?'”



“I’m composing an entry in my mind.”

“Wow. Quick thinking.”


“So…? What do you look forward to this year?”



“…quick harping. I’m composing my entry…”

“Quit thinking and share.”

“Oh nothing much. Just more love, more smiles, my first tattoo, loads of cash, loads of bills, more opportunities, more chocolates… and…”

“… and??”

“More time in bed.” *bats eyelashes*