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February 7, 2011

Death by Internet deprivation

Lee plopped in front of her aging computer and plugged it in. The plastic chair she was sitting on was bound to give away, but she really did not care. She had a lot to do, and a lot of brainstorming to tackle, and somehow, she just could not put her thoughts in order. This seemed to be the reason why she had frequent headaches – or it could be something else entirely.

It took a while for her computer to boot up, but there was nothing she could do but wait. She had given up pretty much everything else that she owned just in order to put food on the table. Her phone was now gone, some of her bags, some clothes, some jewelry. GONE. Just so she could purchase some groceries enough to tide them over for one or two days.

Somebody suggested that she should give up her computer. “Sell it for parts,” her friend said. But no, she could not.

Her friend made a good argument about how the computer was an added expense, plus there’s the Internet that she had to deal with. More expenses, expenses, expenses! So the least that she could do to alleviate her expenses was get rid of her computer, and have her Internet connection cut off. After it, it was barely even there.

But, NO.

Lee stared at the computer screen, her mind a whirl. What to do now? It seemed that the only thing she could manage to think of at the moment is to find other means of surviving. Writing always helps, and for lack of anything to do she logged onto her blog and typed away:

Feb 7, 2011
Currently feeling: SCREWED

Title: Will write for food
Writing is something I love to do. Battling writer’s block is something I loathe but something that I have to do.

Currently, I am running out of options, and I have resorted to selling my goods, stuff, and services. All this in the name of food, warmth, and the occassional need for Twin Popsies.

Mmm… Twin Popsies sounds divine, don’t you agree? It is cheap but it definitely quick to make me feel loved and blissful.

On to other ideas, I cannot possibly part with my Internet connection and my beat up excuse of a computer. This has possibilities, I see, something that I should make the most of and not just use to check Facebook or blog. I should really make use of everything that I have especially during these dire instances.

I’ve done it before.

I can do it again.

So help me.

For now, I know that I am definitely SCREWED. But while I breathe, I hope.



Clicking the “Publish” button, Lee sat back and thought hard. Losing the Internet connection and the computer with be the death of her.

There is just so many things that she could do online, but right now, she did not know where to start. Without her computer, without Internet connection, she would probably die.

She could see the headlines now, WOMAN DIES AFTER INTERNET DISCONNECTION. Perfect.

Logging onto Facebook, Lee posted, “WILL WRITE FOR FOOD AND TWIN POPSIES.”

And almost instantly, Rick “Liked” the status, and Lee smiled. She would definitely make it through another day.

*Yet another entry to DailyPost. I am lagging behind!! !#@$%!%!@#$!@#*

January 20, 2011

Meet me, the Procrastinator

I am a procrastinator.
It is my biggest problem.
I am sure at some point you are a procrastinator, too!

Maybe you are not as big a procrastinator as I,
but surely you would agree
that procrastination is the key!

To be honest, though, the main thing that I have been putting off is a trip to the doctor.

I have to do this for several reasons, but I procrastinate.

No, wait.

I do not want to go to the doctor because I would rather stay at home and do nothing at all.

But I have to go back there because… well, because I am down with the sickness, and the docs need to stick pins and needles onto my soul and tear it apart through gut wrenching pain. Or so I convince myself.

Yes, I must be twisted in my mind.

Sorry, but today’s DailyPost question did not inspire me that much. So I just decided to answer straight out.


*I am bored. But the DailyPost suggested something about free writing, so that is what I did to answer. Hrhrhr.. Not exactly in the scope of ultimate free writing, but I ramble, and now you move along.*