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June 26, 2011

Something Borrowed: A Review

So yeah, I may not have updated my 100 books for 2011 list, but I am making headway. I am going to update the list after I make this post, okay? Besides, this is bound to be a short one.

I do not believe in spoiling things for people so I will make this review short and sweet – as short as I can make a review! Maybe.

So… I thought about reading this book despite the fact that it was released a few years ago. I chose to read it now because of the release of the movie Something Borrowed. I have read some reviews about the movie, and although most of the reviews have been negative, I was curious because I happen to like romantic comedies, and its Kate Hudson and the cute John Krasinski.

I was warned by Pebbles that the book was forgettable. Her words, not mine. Still, I think books tend to be better than movies, so I chose to power on and read the book.

Suffice it to say that… I found Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin quite painful to read. 

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