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January 18, 2011

Because… the Fates said so

“I am not in the mood, go away!” cried Lee, rubbing the back of her neck woefully. “I do not want to answer anything you want to ask me, Rick, please, please, please, go away!”

“Oh come on Oscar the Grouch, Groucho Marx, Grumpy,” said Rick, slowly massaging Lee’s back as he continued to badger her with questions about the Fates, Oracles, and how things are supposed to be.

“Rick, I am so tired right now that I cannot even think. You rubbing me that way doesn’t help because all I can think about now is going to sleep,” answered Lee, her eyes half closed with her head swaying slightly backwards as Rick continued to massage her nape. “Besides, what would I know? What do you think I am? A walking encyclopedia?”

“Not really,” Rick replied, “more like somebody who is into these types of things.” He took the liniment Lee had on her computer table and poured some on his hands before continuing his massage. “I just wanted to know if you think things happen for a reason.”

Lee moaned softly, clearly enjoying the impromptu massage, and said, “you keep doing what you do, and I will tell you that if I fall asleep right now it is because of what you are doing… See? Reasons. Always reasons…” Lee rambled on drowsily.

Rick stopped and turned Lee’s chair around facing him and said, “Hey! Answer me directly and I promise I will let you do whatever you want to do afterwards. I just need to know, okay?”

Lee straightened up, shook her head and faced Rick. “Fine,” she said, breathing deeply, “I believe that things happen for a reason. Because life is made up of cause and effect. However, in every situation we are given choices which as humans, we have free will to decide which way we go. Still, there will a greater scheme of things that in one way or another is where we are supposed to be.”

Lee shook her head and continued, “I don’t know about you, but I think things happen just because they should happen.” Raising her head, she then said, “I know for one that if I do not get any sleep, I will be cranky, and if I am cranky, nobody gets lucky. So if nobody gets lucky, perhaps it will be for the best.

“However, since you are so kind and you will let me get my due rest, you will most likely benefit from a nice breakfast tomorrow morning and your day will be nice because I am turning in early.”

After seeing Lee yawn like a sleepy cat, he had nothing more to say but shrug and smile, he said, “Okay, babe, whether I get lucky or not tonight, I know it will be for the best. I get it. Obviously, you are very sleepy because I don’t think I understood much of your rambling tonight.”

Kissing Lee lightly on the nose, Rick guided her to the bed, brought her a change of clothes, and tucked her in after she slipped into her nightgown. “Good night, baby, sweet dreams,” said Rick, but there was no reply. Lee was already fast asleep, so Rick just kissed her forehead and turned off the lights before going back to his computer.

*This is me, writing something that resembles nonsense ramblings just to answer the topic for today at The DailyPost. I hope you like it. Slainte!*


January 17, 2011

Your everyday radio advice

“You are listening to DYSR – Sunset Radio of sunny Dumzville City, and I am your host, DJ Wick’d, bringing you hot tunes, hot stuff, and hot advice to all my listeners,” spoke the voice from Lee’s radio of her car. “Our lines will be open in a bit, so feel free to holler your questions, requests, and other tidbits you want to share with me and the rest of our listeners. For now, here’s a saucy tune from Toots and the Maytals called ‘Start Me Up’.”

Lee reached for her cell, hesitant at first, but she decided to go on anyway. She blushed at the thought of her question, but she went on anyway. She called DJ Wick’d and posed her question, and gave her alias as “Bitsy.” Who would know it was her? Lee wondered. She shook her head and giggled. “I hope you can help me with my question,” Lee breathed into her cellphone in an attempt to mask her voice.

“Thanks for calling, DYSR,” said a pleasant voice on the other line. “DJ Wick’d will check these out so stay tuned to hear if your question is aired.”

“Great. Thanks!” replied Lee. Hanging up, she sat back and continued to listen to her favorite show of the day. There was something about DJ Wick’d that Lee liked a lot. The voice captivated a lot of people every day, including her, and she felt as though she was listening to a big sister talking about anything and everything.

After the song ended, DJ Wick’d came back on and said, “Well, that was a flood of questions, folks! Interesting. Before I start answering questions, I would just like to give a shoutout to all those who want to know my name. Dudes, it will always be a secret. But thanks for your kind, hot, and naughty thoughts. I will hold on to these whenever those cold nights come along.”

“Okay,” said the DJ, “our first question of the day is quite interesting. It comes for a certain lady named ‘Bitsy’,” a short sexy chuckle came through the waves and the DJ proceeded, “and she wants to know how the hell do we cover up hickies!”

Lee involuntarily blushed upon hearing her question being spoken out loud. She honestly thought it was a dumb question, but she really had to know.

“Well, Bitsy,” said DJ Wick’d, “honey, if I were you, I would not cover it up. Why? Because it is a lovebite. Which means, you got lucky! But since you asked, I will tell you the secret my grammy once told me when I was covered with hickies.”

“What you do is you take the cap of a lipstick, rub it in the spot again and again, but not to the point that you bleed. Just so the area will have blood circulating. Another method is to get a cold spoon or a block of ice on the area but only if its still fresh. Or supposedly rubbing a penny on a wet hickie in a circular motion should do the trick. But I have not found if THAT method works.”

“Tell you what, hun,” continued the DJ, “go grab a stick of concealer and just hide it for the meantime. Besides, if you’re that naughty, you’re bound to get more of those sooner or later!”

“And now,” said DJ Wick’d, “let me get you start making hickies with this next song by Nu Flavor called ‘Sweet Sexy Thing’. Enjoy…”

DJ Wick’d leaned on her seat, switching off the ON AIR sign and sighed. The last question was interesting, she thought. How many times in the past had she tried to hide hickies? She chuckled and closed her eyes listening to the nice groove that Nu Flavor had. In her mind, she hoped that perhaps someday she would also get as lucky as Bitsy.

Meanwhile, Lee turned shifted the gears of her car. She smiled at the advice DJ Wick’d shared, and headed over to the nearest department store. She might as well get a tube of concealer now before she gets caught without one again.

*This post was also written under 30 minutes in response to the question posted at the DailyPost.*