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January 30, 2011

Tangled up in giggles

Finally, after more than a week of not watching movies or ANYTHING at all on my laptop or on TV, I got around to watching Tangled (2010 film) and was, as per subject, “tangled up in giggles.”

I have not done a movie review for quite sometime because I do have a streak for procrastinating, but I do want to enumerate the parts, points, lines, and all that jazz which caught my heart throughout watching Tangled.

The movie itself

I love the screenplay of the film, although I do not think animated features have screenplays, but I do love this one. The cuts, jumps, cinematography of it is breathtaking, I just want to watch it again and again.

The colors of the film are gorgeous. Like a painting or watercolor with so much life was just so “feel good” for me. I loved it.

I’ve got to pat the writers on the back for this one because the lines were just so funny, witty, sassy, and spunky. Just my kind of movie.


I… well, I do love musicals but I was not exactly that impressed with the music. *shrugs*

It was not really catchy for me. It is not like those older Disney animated films whose soundtracks really, really, really, really… you know, hit it. Beauty and the Beast had, well, Beauty and the Beast theme song, while The Lion King had “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, “Hakuna Matata”, and that intro theme. On the other hand Snow White had “Whistle While You Work”, “Hi Ho”, etc. Aladdin had “A Whole New World,” well, you get my drift.

But Tangled did not really have that juice in it. At least for me. Maybe I need to watch it again or somethin. To be honest, I wanted to skip past the parts where they sang – except the part in the pub. Drhrhrhrhr… gotta love ruffians and hooligans.

Tangled characters

Rapunzel – The girl’s got spunk, spirit, and those huge eyes! Love her hair, the details on the dress, the glow, the innocence, the wit, and again, the spunk. She was so much fun! Her hair was amazing!! Makes me want to go back to brushing my hair 100 times a night again. Maybe I can use it as a rope and whip as well!

Flynn Rider – Oooh la la. Damn this guy is hot! He is also funny, but not exactly THAT charismatic, but he is soooo funny. Did I just say funny again? So hot, too. LOL And I have to hand it to the animators who were able to grab the emotion and display the love, admiration, and pretty much all emotions on Flynn’s (Eugene’s) eyes. Heeehee.. yeah, I’m still drooling. Excuse me.

Pascal – Whoohoo! I LOVE Pascal! This chameleon has somewhat managed to inject huge doses of humor, emotion, and expression even without a single line. Again, props to the animators. He is so cute!

Maximus – Teehee… I like Maximus, I really, really do. He’s my kind of horse! Totally badass with that soft side. The part where he shredded the WANTED sign was so funny, and when he parted those thugs. Dude! That was suh-weet!

The Cast Iron Skillet – YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE PROPS TO THE PAN! I never knew a weapon that could be so awesome as a cast iron skillet. I definitely want one! Excalibur was definitely cool, yo, but the cast iron skillet? Classic! Look, skillets/pans have been used as weapons in more times than one, but NEVER have I seen it achieve much attention as the cast iron skillets in this movie. It’s just awesome.


Now I know I have nothing but praise for this movie. If you got bored, sorry. But see, it was a really wonderfully made film by Disney, solidifying that they are not exactly going anywhere soon.

I did have some questions though. Like how exactly did they miss a soliditary tower in the nearby forest. OR how long did the magic of the hair last because Gothel seemed to need it a lot. And honestly, didn’t they just marcot it? And why did the queen have to have all of it? Couldn’t it be shared?

Many people also wondered why the queen did not have any more children. I think it’s coz they were scared that she would fall ill like the time she was pregnant with Rapunzel. At any rate, I think this is the best take on the Rapunzel story. I do love the original story, where the prince gets blinded and Rapunzel got pregnant. LOL BUT I like the hooligans part. It’s like Rapunzel meets Robin Hood, but the lady is not so much “in distress” and is not that dumb. Yay! Oh and I do like Rapunzel brunette and not blonde for no reason that she is drawn better brunette. She’s not the typical beautiful princess, no?

Somebody should really get me a cast iron skillet, and fast. I think its one of those things that I should add to my artillery. At any rate, I recommend folks who want a good laugh to watch the movie. 😉 Cheers.