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January 30, 2011



Forever sounds like an awfully long time, don’t you agree?

I think that a person’s life is a gift, and that to be able to enjoy one’s gift is to make sure it is used fully and passionately.

I understand that immortality has this lure of some sort, wherein those who are somewhat mesmerized by vampires and supernatural creatures that have the ability to stay on for long periods of time, unless they are maimed by weapons of destruction whittled solely for the purpose of causing their demise.

Yet nobody really asked them if they would want to live forever, right?

If I could live forever, I would not.


Because death should not be avoided.

In my opinion, Death is just doing his job. It is nasty, unpleasant, but somebody has to do it. Has anybody even wondered if Death died as well? I think Death has the unfortunate position to be there until the last person or living being that needs to be reaped is brought to where we are going.

I do not want to avoid Death. Rather, I want to live life to the fullest every single day, so that when time comes, I am almost always ready to greet Death as though he or she is an old friend. I kind of see life as though it were a nice drive somewhere on my 67 Chevy Impala, where I could step on the gas when I wanted to, or cruise if the scenery suits me. Some day, wherever I will be, I know I will run out of gas, and by then, perhaps I would have made use of all that gas, instead of just putting it on standby because I fear of getting pinned in a car wreck somewhere.

So, no. I do not wish to live forever.

But I do wish to live in every single moment of my life.


January 11, 2011

To be remembered as…

There is no such thing as coincidences. I think.

A few hours ago, there were only two lines that kept playing in my head:

If I die young bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

(“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry)

Okay, maybe it is not the most pleasant picture that you can summon up, but I think it would be a nice way to go. If you know what I mean. Satin and roses. Mmm.. Red roses, to be exact. Pink Satin though, or maybe white?

However, I do not want to be remembered as the dead lady wrapped in white satin on a bed of red roses. No. I do want to be remembered as a person who was able to touch lives.

More than anything in the world that I like doing is helping out people. I want to be remembered not because I helped them, but that I was a friend. I want people to say, “hey! I remember that her…!” Even if they do not remember why or how we met, but I think it would be great to be remembered.

Unfortunately, my pessimism gets the better of me and would jump right in and say that I am a lousy person and that nobody will remember me. By the time I pass from this life on to the next, my pessimistic self would say that nobody would attend my wake, nobody donated packs of instant coffee to my grieving husband, and nobody would make salted peanuts to share with everybody.

Then again, I am not a wallflower – though I try so hard to be one. Do you have any idea how hard it is to melt into the background when you have a presence that just seems to jump at people? No, have not gone into the phase of accepting my overly enthusiastic presence.

The last thing I want is for people to remember me for being too loud. LOL

Although right now I do have some people who may remember me for being a loud mouth. :-s Be aware that I do not do this on purpose, my voice, my size, and my presence is like that by default. Even I am ashamed.

Should I be?

Anyway, I have drifted far and wide with my ramblings.

Remember this, if you please, IF I DIE YOUNG, REMEMBER THAT i AM A RAMBLER.